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The Carricante grape

Carricante is a Sicilian white grape vine historical distribution area of Etna , where it is cultivated since time immemorial. described
by Sestini (1760 ) in his memoirs about the wines of Mascali , owes its name to the abundant production that is able to give.

Carricante, blended with other grapes, gives the wine finesse and softness. It is often used in blends with catarratto , Insolia ( Ansonica ) , Minnella or with red grapes as Nerello mascalese .

The wine from Carricante

The wine Carricacnte is particularly fine , pale yellow in color with greenish reflections , with
a good aromatic with hints of herbs , fragrant flowers, good
structured palate , warm, savory characterized by a high acidity that
makes it particularly suitable for aging in wood , and retention over time.

The specification of the Etna DOC wine intend to use it mandatory for the "Etna White" DOC wine and for the "Etna White Top" DOC wine.

Etna Bianco D.O.C Specification.

Etna wine D.O.C. White: Carricante (minimum 60 % ) , Catarratto ( not more than 40 % ) . This may include other non-aromatic varieties such as Trebbiano or Minella in no more than 15%.

Etna Bianco Superiore D.O.C Specification.

Etna wine D.O.C. White Superior: Carricante (minimum 80 % ) , Catarratto and / or Minnella ( not more than 20 % ) . Other grapes grown exclusively in the area of the town of Milo .

Etna Rosso D.O.C Specification.

Etna wine D.O.C. Red / Rosé : Nerello Mascalese (minimum 80%), Nerello Cappuccio / Mantellato ( no more than 20 %). This may include other non aromatic , even white grapes , in an amount not exceeding 10%.

Distribution area
Province of Catania (Sicily - Italy )

The vineyards for the production of wines belonging to this category have the following location :

Country of wine production : Italy
Region of wine production in Sicily
Geographic area: Mount Etna
Geology : volcanic soils

Wines are classified in the category :

Italian wines Etna Bianco and Etna Bianco Superiore
Sicilian wines Etna Bianco and Etna Bianco Superiore
Etna wines Bianco and Bianco Superiore